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Dallas is finally here and his parent’s couldn’t be more overjoyed! Even amongst the stresses of life with a newborn and enduring the lack of sleep, Casey and Elise only have looks of love and adoration for their sweet baby boy. He is a beautiful, precious, amazing gift.

Meet 3 week old Dallas …

Look at that multi-tasking! I always knew Elise would be a great mom, but she exceeded even my high expectations. Elise simply radiates love for her son.


Amanda is efficient. As owner of In the Now Weddings and Events, Amanda is used to planning and executing events flawlessly. She’s so efficient, in fact, that she gave birth to baby Finley in 2.5 hours. Start to finish. And had time to stop for a bagel in between. That pretty much makes her a rock star in my book!

Now that Finley is here, Amanda and Josh have settled into their new parenting roles with ease. They are a team, through and through. In the midst of diaper changes, baths, and feedings their love for one another and their sweet baby girl is so evident. When sleep is in short supply and poop isn’t, it can be so easy to snap at a spouse or to speak less than kind words due to exhaustion. Not Amanda and Josh. At every opportunity they encourage and affirm one another with words of love and kindness. Finley is so blessed to have them as parents!

Josh, Amanda, and Finley – thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture these photos of your new, beautiful family. Finley is absolute perfection!

Meet 11 day old Finley …

Is it possible to have baby fever when you still have a baby? A week ago, I wouldn’t have thought so with my own non-sleeping 9 month old at home, but spending an afternoon with 2 week old Olivia made me long for tiny newborn goodness all over again! Every stage of a child’s life is so fun, but few are as uniquely sweet as the newborn phase. Everything is so small and precious! Those little newborn grunts and squeaks are so endearing and lovely! Yes, there are those endless sleepless nights, and the diapers, and the hospital bills … but have you seen those itty bitty SHOES that newborns have? The shoes alone are enough to make me want another little one!  I am sure cooler heads will prevail (i.e. my husband’s) but Olivia and her adorability are just too impossible to resist!

Laura and Nick, thank you so much for inviting me into your home to take these newborn photos of darling Olivia. She is already such a blessing to all who meet her and it was my privilege to spend the afternoon with your sweet family.

There is simply no way for expectant parents to truly understand the way their world is going to be turned upside down by the birth of their baby until it is, in fact, turned upside down. It’s so easy to wonder “what did I get myself into?” when you have baby poop under your fingernails, spit up on your shirt, and fuzzy teeth since brushing your teeth is now a luxury rather than an expectation. But then you look … really look … at that tiny little person who caused all of the chaos. And you remember that she’s worth it. Every stinky second of it. And your start to realize that you can’t even really remember what a right-side up world even felt like anyway, and even if you can remember it, there’s no way you’d go back. That, my friends, is parenthood.

Hayley and Nate, welcome to the parenting club. Our members may be tired, have less money, and say the word “potty” more times than anyone should, but I guarantee you it’s one of the best and most rewarding clubs you’ll ever join. You two are already exceptional members – your love for Stella and one another is so beautiful and even in your exhaustion, you are still finding time to appreciate the wonder of your daughter. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of Stella’s first days – she is truly something special.

7 day old Stella …