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I began studying photography because I wanted to be able to take awesome pictures of my kids. That was my one and only motivation. I have been blessed that a business developed from that initial desire, but sometimes it is good to remember that my daughter, Lily, remains my main subject. We took some time this week to take some fun Valentine’s photos of Lily and her darling friend, Owen. I secretly (or not so secretly) hope that Lily and Owen get married someday because he is just the cutest, sweetest, most intelligent little boy. Plus, Lily is already in love with him and talks about him all the time, so I’m really just supporting her in what she already wants, right? Right. While wrangling a one year old and a two year old at the same time wasn’t easy, we had so much fun capturing their sweet friendship. So, from Lily and Owen, Happy Valentine’s Day! 

They are very pious children – both deep in prayer before diving into their cupcakes.

This is what it looks like when toddlers try to high-five each other.

No live music on your romantic Valentine’s date? Follow Lily and Owen’s lead and start your own band!

And no date would be complete without a poke in the eye …

Finally, Lily and Owen with their REAL Valentine’s … Owen’s Mom and Lily’s Dad.

I must have said it 200 times during our session – “She is SO cute!” Baby Karissa is a tiny bundle of cuteness and I just could not get enough of her! Apparently, I am not alone in my adoration for Karissa, as you’ll see in the photos below. Her family loves her to pieces and it is so evident that they would walk to the moon if she needed them to. I can’t adequately describe how wonderfully refreshing it is to hold a newborn baby, but my advice is to do it whenever you have the opportunity – I promise you’ll find yourself using the word “cute” an excessive number of times too!

Kelsey and John, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this precious time in your lives and for letting me cuddle with your sweet baby girl.

Now, prepare for some off the charts cuteness!

Parenting is hard work. And parenting well is even harder. And you know what’s even harder than that? Parenting well … FIVE times! Lynne and Jim have managed to accomplish the extraordinary task of parenting five wonderful children and for that alone they deserve a medal (and a nap!) Their children are now adults, some with spouses and children of their own. They all love God and love one another and I just can’t imagine any characteristics parents would desire for their kids more than those.

Renihan family, it was such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you. It was a busy couple of hours but you guys made it fun and successful! I hope you all had as much fun as I did!  


I think that becoming a parent brings a new reality to the idea that life is short. Once you begin measuring life in weeks, months, and milestones … well, it just begins to fly by. Stephanie and Trevor are quickly coming to the same conclusion as their little Lucy nears her first birthday. Even though it seems like she was born last week, Lucy is just days away from turning one! While she is no longer an itty bitty baby, Lucy is perhaps more adorable than ever. She is one of the most joyful children I’ve ever met. We took these photos on a freezing day in November and Lucy just kept smiling even through freezing diaper and clothing changes! I honestly just wanted to take her home with me because she is so happy and sweet!

Stephanie, Trevor, and Lucy – thank you for once again allowing me to capture your beautiful family. Lucy is pure joy and I just adore you all. I have loved watching Lucy grow this last year and I can’t wait to watch her become the wonderful little girl I know she will be!

Since Lucy is turning one, her mom brought her this adorable birthday outfit to wear!

And now more of Lucy being adorable …