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Dallas is finally here and his parent’s couldn’t be more overjoyed! Even amongst the stresses of life with a newborn and enduring the lack of sleep, Casey and Elise only have looks of love and adoration for their sweet baby boy. He is a beautiful, precious, amazing gift.

Meet 3 week old Dallas …

Look at that multi-tasking! I always knew Elise would be a great mom, but she exceeded even my high expectations. Elise simply radiates love for her son.


Amanda is efficient. As owner of In the Now Weddings and Events, Amanda is used to planning and executing events flawlessly. She’s so efficient, in fact, that she gave birth to baby Finley in 2.5 hours. Start to finish. And had time to stop for a bagel in between. That pretty much makes her a rock star in my book!

Now that Finley is here, Amanda and Josh have settled into their new parenting roles with ease. They are a team, through and through. In the midst of diaper changes, baths, and feedings their love for one another and their sweet baby girl is so evident. When sleep is in short supply and poop isn’t, it can be so easy to snap at a spouse or to speak less than kind words due to exhaustion. Not Amanda and Josh. At every opportunity they encourage and affirm one another with words of love and kindness. Finley is so blessed to have them as parents!

Josh, Amanda, and Finley – thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture these photos of your new, beautiful family. Finley is absolute perfection!

Meet 11 day old Finley …

Ava is three and is just as beautiful as ever. Her big brown eyes make me melt and the fact that she said she wants to grow up and take pictures just solidified her place in my heart.  😉  She’s energetic, playful, engaging, and she is over the moon in love with her little brother. Ava calls him “Buddy” and they really are the best of friends.

Buddy, also known as Alister, is just about to turn one and he is such an important part of his family that they can barely remember life before he was born. Between his sweet curls, tiny teeth, and great personality, he’s perfection in baby form.

Toby and Britni, thank you so much for allowing me to capture your family photos again. I am always sad when our sessions are over because you guys are such a joy to be around! You’ve weathered the transition from one kid to two with such grace and I am very thankful to have your family in my life!

Onto the photos!

Alister is a man of many expressions! I loved going through the photos and seeing all of the cute faces he makes.

Ava is such a beauty!

Probably one of my favorite pictures ever

A family hike on a warm spring day.

Bubbles to play with, insects to marvel at, and a super sweet Sportsmobile to ride in.

A new baby girl just about to make her arrival into the world.