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Garrett and Chelsea: Engaged!

Garrett and Chelsea are two of the most fun, sweet, and gorgeous people you’ll ever meet. Their love story is dramatic and beautiful – just like them! We had such a wonderful time taking these photos and the thought and effort they put into their photos really shows. They are perfect for each other and I am counting down the days until their wedding this summer!

ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0001
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0002
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0003
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0004
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0005
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0006
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0007
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0008
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0009
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0010
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0011
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0012
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0013
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0014
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0015
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0016
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0017
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0018
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0019
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0020
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0021
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0022
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0023
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0024
ChelseaGarrettEngagement 0025

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January 30, 2014 - 11:54 pm

Jenni - These are so beautiful! Love the feather idea, and the softness it brings to the photos!

Caleb and Jill – Married!

We all watched the forecast obsessively the week of the wedding. 40% chance of rain. 70% chance of rain. 80% chance of rain. As the days passed and it became clear that the rain was coming, Jill and Caleb handled that added wrinkle with cheer and optimism. They adapted, added a tent to protect their outdoor reception, and kept focused on the fact that they were getting married and that was what really mattered.

It did rain on their wedding day. In fact, it poured. But then, just before we were scheduled to take photos, the sun came out and blue sky appeared. The day would have been perfect no matter what, rain or shine, but we were all oh so thankful when the weather decided cooperate! The whole day was so full of love and fun.

Caleb and Jill, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to document your wedding. You two are the sweetest, most genuine people and the love and support surrounding you on your wedding day was a joy to witness. I wish you many blessings as you begin your new lives together as a married couple!

JCWed 0001
JCWed 0002
JCWed 0004
JCWed 0005
JCWed 0006
JCWed 0007
JCWed 0008
JCWed 0009
JCWed 0010
JCWed 0011
JCWed 0012
JCWed 0013
JCWed 0014
JCWed 0016
JCWed 0017
JCWed 0018
JCWed 0020
JCWed 0022
JCWed 0023
JCWed 0024
JCWed 0025
JCWed 0026
JCWed 0027
JCWed 0028
JCWed 0029
JCWed 0030
JCWed 0031
JCWed 0032
JCWed 0033
JCWed 0034
JCWed 0035
JCWed 0036
JCWed 0038
JCWed 0039
JCWed 0040
JCWed 0041
JCWed 0042
JCWed 0043
JCWed 0044
JCWed 0045
JCWed 0046
JCWed 0047

Church: Faith Presbyterian Church Santa Ana

Florals: Crystal Sanford

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