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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Jonathan and Julia’s wedding day was a day full of family, tradition, beauty, and love. Their marriage was blessed and embraced by so many people and even amongst the busyness that naturally occurs with a large wedding, Jonathan and Julia never let the other out of their sight. They’d been separated enough as Jonathan attended medical school in Wisconsin and Julia planned their wedding in California, and they weren’t going to spend a minute of their wedding apart! A mingling of cultures, a celebration of love, and the beginning of a life spent together … what could be better?

Julia started out preparing for the wedding at her family home while Jonathan got ready with his groomsmen.

The wedding ceremony took place at Harbor Christian Church and the stained glass at the front of the church was gorgeous!

Following their church ceremony, Jonathan and Julia also had a Persian ceremony known as an Aghd. It was beautiful and I loved all of the symbolism!

Following the Aghd, we had just a few minutes for photos around the location of their reception – The Turnip Rose in Newport Beach. I was so thankful that they chose such a gorgeous reception site because it allowed us to take a lot of photos in a very short period of time!

Ceremony site: Harbor Christian Church

Reception venue: Turnip Rose

Second Shooter: Shauna Miller


Dallas is finally here and his parent’s couldn’t be more overjoyed! Even amongst the stresses of life with a newborn and enduring the lack of sleep, Casey and Elise only have looks of love and adoration for their sweet baby boy. He is a beautiful, precious, amazing gift.

Meet 3 week old Dallas …

Look at that multi-tasking! I always knew Elise would be a great mom, but she exceeded even my high expectations. Elise simply radiates love for her son.


Amanda is efficient. As owner of In the Now Weddings and Events, Amanda is used to planning and executing events flawlessly. She’s so efficient, in fact, that she gave birth to baby Finley in 2.5 hours. Start to finish. And had time to stop for a bagel in between. That pretty much makes her a rock star in my book!

Now that Finley is here, Amanda and Josh have settled into their new parenting roles with ease. They are a team, through and through. In the midst of diaper changes, baths, and feedings their love for one another and their sweet baby girl is so evident. When sleep is in short supply and poop isn’t, it can be so easy to snap at a spouse or to speak less than kind words due to exhaustion. Not Amanda and Josh. At every opportunity they encourage and affirm one another with words of love and kindness. Finley is so blessed to have them as parents!

Josh, Amanda, and Finley – thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture these photos of your new, beautiful family. Finley is absolute perfection!

Meet 11 day old Finley …