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And then came Clara …


You, my dear, are most precious. Your sisters and your Mom and Dad waited so patiently for you to arrive and now that you are here, they just couldn’t be more in love with you. They love your hair, your toes, the little smiles you flash, the tiny sounds you make when you breathe. They are all about you and, I’ll confess, so I am. You are one blessed baby to have been born into your family – your sisters are amazing and your parents are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Plus, you’ve got a ton of extended family and friends who loved you even before you arrived! It has been so fun for us to see you from the beginning and we are excited to watch as you develop your own unique personality. Will you love books like Tessa? Will you have Molly’s beautiful blue eyes? Will you have your Dad’s sense of humor or your Mom’s laugh? Those things may still be mysteries, but one thing is certain – you are loved, Clara Rose. Loved by the God who created you, loved by the family who cares for you, loved by the friends who adore you and I for one can’t wait to watch you grow and become the person God created you to be!

Thanks for letting me spend some of your first days with you, Clara. Also, thanks for not pooping on me. I think that made me love you even a tiny bit more, as if that were possible.



Meet 11 day old Clara …