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Monthly Archives: May 2012

I’ve heard before that one of the best gifts you can give your children is a good marriage. Casey and Elise certainly have that and as they prepare for the arrival of little Dallas Foxx, it is such a joy to watch their love for one another grow as they enter this new season of life!

I’ve known Elise for over 15 years and I could have told you back in high school that someday she’d make a great Mom. She is loving, gentle, genuine, and so much fun. I still have some of the sweetest, most thoughtful notes that she would leave in my locker in between classes. And Casey is so excited about being a Dad that he is already buying diapers and planning out what foods Dallas will eat as a toddler! He loves his little boy so much already and his excitement is unbelievably cute.

The soon-to-be-born Dallas is so so so blessed to have these two as parents and to be entering a world so ready to love and cherish him.

Casey and Elise, thank you so much for allowing me to capture this special time in your life! Pregnancy is hard and long and it isn’t always easy to find time to document it, but I thank you for making it a priority. And someday I think Dallas is going to love seeing these first photos of the three of you.

At 33 weeks pregnant, Elise looks simply phenomenal!

Can’t wait to meet Dallas in just a few short weeks! 


A family hike on a warm spring day.

Bubbles to play with, insects to marvel at, and a super sweet Sportsmobile to ride in.

A new baby girl just about to make her arrival into the world.


She loves Elmo, playing with her hair, and her Mama. She points like nobody’s business and can’t get enough of Dr. Suess. She’s Addi, and, if you ask me, she’s pretty amazing.

I think she officially won my heart when she wiggled out of her mom’s arms as soon as she got outside because she just couldn’t wait to feel the grass between her fingers. Or maybe it was when she reached out for me to hold her and then cried when I put her down. Regardless, I think it’s fair to say that Addi has won the heart of most everyone she’s come into contact with, except for maybe her fellow passengers on the plane ride home from Hawaii last month. 😉 Addi’s parents look at her with such love in their eyes and they have created a fun, welcoming, and beautiful home in which Addi can grow.

Justin and Beth, thank you so much for inviting me into your home to document Addi as she turns one. She is so special, beautiful, and fun and I know she gets that from you two! I hope these photos capture Addi and the adorable person she is at this exact moment in time, because as all parents know, it just goes by so incredibly fast.

Here’s Addi a few days shy of her first birthday …

An Iowa boy meets a California girl at the beach on the 4th of July. I’m no musician, but I’m pretty sure that’s the beginning of a great country song.

It’s certainly the beginning of a great love story – the story of Justin and Missy. These two are something special, folks. Sweet as can be with kindness radiating from their beautiful smiles. They married each other under historic trees in front of their closest family and friends and then partied like it was Cinco De Mayo … because it was! They danced, sang, kissed, and laughed. And then they added somberos to the mix. Justin and Missy soaked in every single moment of their time with each other and those they care about most and that made it an absolutely perfect day.

Justin and Missy, thank you for allowing me the joy of spending your wedding day with you.  The love you two have for one another and the love that was surrounding you on your special day was inspiring. You and your families have been such a blessing to me and I just can’t thank you enough for the privilege of being your photographer. Love you both!

Now, get ready for some photos of some beautiful people …

Missy is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met in real life. All night long, everyone kept telling Justin what a lucky man he was. He agreed.

Even though Justin and Missy had seen each other before the ceremony for their first look, he was still SO excited to see her walk down they aisle! Seeing each other beforehand didn’t diminish that moment one bit and both Justin and Missy agreed that they loved being able to spend more of their day together.

Coordinating and Florals: Ginger Holland

Venue: Heritage Museum

Make up: Courtney Vanderham

Hair: Carmen Witt

Videography: Steve Holmes

Photography: Megan Hartley Photography

Special thanks to Shauna Miller for second shooting!