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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Facebook is a wiley, time-sucking, snoop-satiating temptress. It sucks up more of my time than I’d like to admit and I’m not really all that sure why. I mean, I don’t really care what people are eating for lunch most of the time or what errands they need to run this afternoon. And I am sure that most of my friends don’t care that my adorable child said something hilarious today (sidenote: she totally did – when I told her that her sister had a stuffy nose and the sneezes, she told me that her sister also had the “chokes” because she keeps coughing … hilarious, right? Right.) So, why oh why do I check that silly site multiple times a day? I suppose because it’s a way of connecting with people that I don’t have the time or opportunity to truly connect with. Friends from long ago, clients who have become friends, family members who live far away … it is a great way to keep up on the lives of those I care about, even if that means sorting through the mafia/farmville/”if you don’t repost this then you’re a bad person” posts to do it.

Despite my mixed feelings about it, I recently started a facebook page for Megan Hartley Photography and I’d love it if we connected there. I’ll try my very best to not be annoying and I hope that this page can be a place where I post photos, random tidbits, and coming soon for facebook “likers” only … a giveaway! Hurray! So go ahead and “like” Megan Hartley Photography on facebook and I promise to TRY to keep the anecdotes about my kids to a minimum … but they really are cute, aren’t they?

There is simply no way for expectant parents to truly understand the way their world is going to be turned upside down by the birth of their baby until it is, in fact, turned upside down. It’s so easy to wonder “what did I get myself into?” when you have baby poop under your fingernails, spit up on your shirt, and fuzzy teeth since brushing your teeth is now a luxury rather than an expectation. But then you look … really look … at that tiny little person who caused all of the chaos. And you remember that she’s worth it. Every stinky second of it. And your start to realize that you can’t even really remember what a right-side up world even felt like anyway, and even if you can remember it, there’s no way you’d go back. That, my friends, is parenthood.

Hayley and Nate, welcome to the parenting club. Our members may be tired, have less money, and say the word “potty” more times than anyone should, but I guarantee you it’s one of the best and most rewarding clubs you’ll ever join. You two are already exceptional members – your love for Stella and one another is so beautiful and even in your exhaustion, you are still finding time to appreciate the wonder of your daughter. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of Stella’s first days – she is truly something special.

7 day old Stella …

Very soon, Hayley and Nate will be meeting their precious daughter for the very first time. They are going to be amazing parents and the love and dedication they have already shown to their baby shows how blessed this baby is to have them as parents. I was so thrilled to be able to capture these maternity photos of the beautiful Hayley at almost 38 weeks pregnant and I hope that Hayley and Nate are able to look back on these photos and fondly remember this special time in their lives.

Hayley and Nate, thank you so much for allowing me to take these photos. I know doing anything at 38 weeks pregnant is not easy, let alone getting ready for photos and walking through grassy fields! Hayley, you are stunning and I can only hope these photos make you feel as beautiful as you truly are, both inside and out. Your darling girl will be here before you know it and I just can’t wait to meet her!

Onto the photos!

It rained the day before. It rained the day after. But on this day – their day – the rain ceased and the sun peeked out as if it just knew how much we wished to see it. Carizza and Devon’s wedding day was a day full of love, laughter, dancing, eating, and caring. Their intimate wedding at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art allowed them to truly celebrate with each and every one of their guests and, most importantly, with each other. Everything came together perfectly thanks to the amazing coordinating team at In the Now and the day just could not have gone any smoother. Carizza was an absolutely stunning bride with her beautiful White by Vera Wang dress and makeup and hair by Flawless Faces. After Dark Entertainment did a great job on the music and lighting and kept everyone dancing and having fun the entire evening. With delicious food from The Burnt Truck, drinks from Sunseri, and desserts from Sweet and Saucy, everyone in attendance left with full bellies and full hearts. Absolute perfection.

Carizza and Devon, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to share your wedding day with you. It was such an honor and privilege to document your day for you and I enjoyed every moment of it. You two are just the best and I can’t wait to see the many blessings that result from your marriage. You have already been such a blessing to me and I absolutely treasure your friendship. Also, a huge thank you to my second shooter for this wedding, Stacy De Groot! Major props to Stacy for not only capturing great photos but also for talking the tow man out of towing my car! I owe you, Stacy!  


The day began with Carizza and her bridesmaids getting ready at The Hotel Hanford.

The bridesmaid dresses are by Coralie Beatrix and can be wrapped an infinite number of ways! So awesome!

Carizza and Devon’s first look at The Hotel Hanford was so sweet … they were so genuienely happy to see each other and Devon’s love and appreciation of Carizza was so evident.

After the first look, we had time to take photos of the bride and groom together as well as the wedding party near the venue, OCCCA.

Flower Allie did a beautiful job on the florals for the wedding … they really added a beautiful romantic feel to the day.

How cute are the bridesmaids with their Wedding Chicks Totes? And the groomsmen looked dapper with their Ben Sherman ties.

Seriously? Could they be more beautiful???

How amazing are these invitations? Amanda with In the Now designed them and they are beyond perfect!

Devon’s Dad, Cor, presided over their marriage ceremony. I thought that was just about the sweetest thing ever.

Heart confetti made by Devon. What a sweet detail!

Beautiful linens by La Travola and rentals from Classic Party Rentals.

These escort ornaments were perfect for this December wedding. Such a special detail!

If you haven’t had food from The Burnt Truck you are missing out. After experiencing it for the first time at this wedding, I am sold!
Carizza and Devon’s vinyl logo adorned  both the aisle for the ceremony and the dance floor thanks to Creative Media Print, who also made the plexi signs used to decorate OCCCA.
Many blessings upon your marriage, Carizza and Devon!