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Monthly Archives: February 2011

This past year has been incredible for my photography business. A year ago I never could have imagined I would be blessed to have so many people trust me to capture special moments in their lives. I have enjoyed every second of it and I have learned so much! As I look toward my second year in business, I have lots of exciting and challenging shoots coming up and I am so thankful to have such amazing clients and supportive family and friends.

Lately, I have been working on defining my “philosophy of photography.” Basically, I’ve been asking myself a few questions –

What kinds of pictures do I want to take?

What kinds of clients do I want to attract?

Why should those clients hire ME rather than the thousands of other photographers out there?

As my business grows and evolves, these are important questions for me to answer. The answers I have come up with can be summed up in these three words.




Beautiful – I believe that every single person has something beautiful about them and it is my job as a photographer to capture that beauty. I love to take photos in beautiful locations (my list of  future location ideas grows every week!) and I love finding the beauty in everything. People are beautiful because they are unique and I strive to make each of my photo shoots personal in order to bring out that uniqueness.

Natural – As I evolve as a photographer, I am learning the delicate art of keeping it simple. I am working hard to take photos that are great straight out of the camera and won’t require extensive editing. And I am learning that just because something can be photoshopped, doesn’t mean it should be. While I will use re-touching to help hide minor and temporary blemishes, I just don’t believe in changing those things that make people unique – freckles, eye color, or physical body shape. If that is what you are looking for, there are lots of photographers who will happily oblige … it’s just not how I roll. I believe this natural philosophy also applies to the flow of my photo shoots. While I will certainly pose my clients and offer lots of suggestions and encouragement, I also strive to capture those “in between” moments that are natural and un-posed. Often, those end of being my favorite shots.

You – Above all, I want to capture photos of people being themselves. I love taking photos of kids because they don’t know how to be anything other than themselves. That honesty is beautiful! Of course I want to help you look your best in your photos – I will be the first to brush a stray hair away or recommend a make up touch up – but, most of all, I want to capture emotions and your personality. Whether I am taking photos of newborns, children, families, expectant parents, seniors, or couples, emotion is what matters.

All of these philosophies and goals are still changing and becoming more well defined, but I feel like this is a good start. Beautiful. Natural. You. If my vision sounds like your vision for your photos, let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

Sometimes, when you meet people, you just immediately feel a connection with them. That is how I felt when I met the De Jongs the day of their photoshoot. Erika and I had conversations that flowed like those of old friends and our kids and husbands played and chatted while we captured these beautiful images of their family. It was fun, effortless, and a total treat to spend the morning with this sweet family.

Art, Erika, and Arthur, thank you for choosing me to capture your family photos. Your family of three is obviously full of love and fun and it was truly a privilege to meet you! I look forward to staying in touch and watching sweet Arthur grow!

Meet Arthur. He is beyond adorable.

I began studying photography because I wanted to be able to take awesome pictures of my kids. That was my one and only motivation. I have been blessed that a business developed from that initial desire, but sometimes it is good to remember that my daughter, Lily, remains my main subject. We took some time this week to take some fun Valentine’s photos of Lily and her darling friend, Owen. I secretly (or not so secretly) hope that Lily and Owen get married someday because he is just the cutest, sweetest, most intelligent little boy. Plus, Lily is already in love with him and talks about him all the time, so I’m really just supporting her in what she already wants, right? Right. While wrangling a one year old and a two year old at the same time wasn’t easy, we had so much fun capturing their sweet friendship. So, from Lily and Owen, Happy Valentine’s Day! 

They are very pious children – both deep in prayer before diving into their cupcakes.

This is what it looks like when toddlers try to high-five each other.

No live music on your romantic Valentine’s date? Follow Lily and Owen’s lead and start your own band!

And no date would be complete without a poke in the eye …

Finally, Lily and Owen with their REAL Valentine’s … Owen’s Mom and Lily’s Dad.