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Monthly Archives: November 2010

I think that becoming a parent brings a new reality to the idea that life is short. Once you begin measuring life in weeks, months, and milestones … well, it just begins to fly by. Stephanie and Trevor are quickly coming to the same conclusion as their little Lucy nears her first birthday. Even though it seems like she was born last week, Lucy is just days away from turning one! While she is no longer an itty bitty baby, Lucy is perhaps more adorable than ever. She is one of the most joyful children I’ve ever met. We took these photos on a freezing day in November and Lucy just kept smiling even through freezing diaper and clothing changes! I honestly just wanted to take her home with me because she is so happy and sweet!

Stephanie, Trevor, and Lucy – thank you for once again allowing me to capture your beautiful family. Lucy is pure joy and I just adore you all. I have loved watching Lucy grow this last year and I can’t wait to watch her become the wonderful little girl I know she will be!

Since Lucy is turning one, her mom brought her this adorable birthday outfit to wear!

And now more of Lucy being adorable …

One of my favorite things about my job is that I get to watch kids as they grow. You might remember Brooke from her earlier photos on this blog, back when she was only 5 months old. She was just learning to sit up and the remnants of her newborn self were visible if we looked hard enough. Even though it feels like we took those photos last week, Brooke is now a walking, energetic 1 year old who is looking more and more like a toddler every day! Thankfully, she still has tons of sweet baby goodness in her and I know her parents are just soaking her up.

Hartman family, it was truly a joy to take these photos. We laughed, we joked, we sang, and thankfully, only one of us cried.

I can’t wait to watch Brooke as she grows and continues to develop into the adorable and wonderful little girl I know she is becoming!

Look at those sweet curls!

Grandma Alice and Grandpa Ron came along to help make Brooke laugh and smile, so we took a few pictures of them with Brooke as well. Alice and I bonded while singing Brooke a rousing chorus of “This Little Light of Mine” so we’re pretty much BFFs now.


Teresa is the kind of woman people just want to be around. She is hilarious, kind, an excellent conversationalist, and just all around fun! And, at her recent 50th birthday party, it was very clear that I am not the only person who feels this way! Tons of people were there celebrating Teresa and the admiration and love they all felt for Teresa was palpable. She is a very special person who had a very special 50th birthday party – with a Beatles theme!

Before Teresa’s party, we took some photos meant to replicate well known Beatles photos, but featuring Teresa rather than John, Paul, George, and Ringo. We had so much fun dodging traffic and working hard to match details. Teresa was then able to display these images at her party and it was a fun touch among the many Beatles details of the party!

The Original:

Our Version:

The Original:

Our Version:

Happy Birthday, Teresa! You truly are an amazing person and, in my opinion, way cooler than any of the other four Beatles.


“I am so excited!” Casey said as he anxiously adjusted his tux in preparation for seeing his bride for the first time. “This … this is exactly what I wanted. To be married to Elise. I’m so ready!”

Casey and Elise were married on a beautiful October day. They are an amazing couple, who’s love for one another is so evident in each and every action they take. Casey was constantly watching out to make sure Elise’s dress stayed perfect. Elise stopped to fix Casey’s hair to help him look his best. Surrounded by their friends and family, they pledged their lives to one another. They are beautiful, heartfelt, and it was truly a pleasure to be included in their special day.

Thanks so much to Diandra for allowing me to second shoot this amazing wedding! I’ve only included a few of my favorite photos from the day here, but you can see lots more pictures of Casey and Elise’s wedding on Diandra’s blog!

They had a first look (where they saw each other before the ceremony and took photos) and it was so sweet and emotional! I loved it!

Just before Elise and her dad walked down the aisle.

Such a perfect day! Congratulations, Casey and Elise!