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Monthly Archives: October 2010

These images speak for themselves. Please click below to watch this slide show. Thank you, Danielle, Morgan, and Gavin, for allowing me to capture this profound and joyful time in your lives.

These women are awesome. Three sisters, their mother, and their grandmother all together, having fun and loving one another. One sister gently brushes the hair out of another’s face. One asks for an opinion on the roll of her pantleg. They tease, they laugh, they encourage, and, above all, they love.

Jane, Claire, Jessica, Jaime, and Callie, it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you guys and watch your love for one another. Thanks for making me an honorary member of the family for the day and I hope you enjoy your photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

“So … what do you think of Mark?” Allison asked me on a late night walk while camping in Joshua Tree. I was pretty sure I already knew what she thought of him.

“Mark’s great!” I said. “Why?”

“I think I kind of like him,” Allison said cautiously. Oh yeah, she liked him alright. She laughed when he farted, for goodness sake. There really is no clearer clue that a girl is in like with a guy.

Thankfully, Allison’s feelings were more than reciprocated by Mark. Their like turned into love and they were wed just a couple of years later. Their love grew even more when they added their two precious girls, Tessa and Molly, to the family.  Pretty much all they are missing now is a dog.

Mark and Allison, thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your love story. I love sharing life with you and it was so special to be able to document your sweet family. I hope you enjoy your photos!                        

Tessa really loves Molly … maybe a little too much for Molly’s taste!


Mark and his women.

Rebekah has held many titles – Miss California (twice!), Mrs. International, singer, volunteer, teacher, daughter, wife …. And as of September 17th, her newest role and most treasured role to date became official. Now, she is Mom.

September 17th, 2010 will forever be known as Adoption Day in the Negrete household. On that day, Gigi and Ellie officially became Negretes and Greg and Rebekah officially became their parents. Though anyone who knows the family would tell you that Gigi and Ellie were Negrete’s from the moment Greg and Rebekah first embraced them as their foster parents. The paperwork was just a technicality … but a very important and much prayed for technicality! Though there were many ups and downs on their road to becoming a family, Greg and Rebekah’s faith remained steadfast. Gigi and Ellie are blessed to have Greg and Rebekah as their Dad and Mom and Greg and Rebekah are blessed to have Gigi and Ellie as their daughters. In the end, everything worked out just as it was supposed to. Now they are truly, officially, forever a family.

Greg and Rebekah, thank you so much for allowing me to join in the celebration of this joyful time in your lives. You are both inspirations and your girls are just precious. I hope you enjoy your photos and I am so excited to see what is in store for your family in the future!

To see more images, take a look at the slideshow!