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Monthly Archives: June 2010

It is immediately evident that Laina is gorgeous – her long red hair, beautiful blue/green eyes, and smooth skin are strikingly beautiful. What you can’t tell just by looking at her is that Laina is also brilliant! She is a student at UC Berkeley … oh, you didn’t get in there? Yeah, neither did I. 

  Along with being beautiful AND brilliant, Laina also has a great personality! Seriously, the girl has the whole package. She kept me laughing and engaged the entire time we were together and I found myself surprised by how much time had passed once our shoot was finished. Thanks so much for such a great time, Laina! I hope you enjoy your photos!

I told you she was gorgeous!

I love how her eyes change color based on what she is wearing … how convenient to have your eyes always match your outfit!

Beautiful, Laina!

Her left foot is slightly bigger than her right foot and that was pretty much the only flaw I could find on the day of our photo shoot. Jaime is funny, quirky, helpful, and did I mention beautiful? When Jaime asked me to take some photos of her, I jumped with excitement and immediately began thinking of fun locations and poses. I was right to be excited – even though there were people all over the location where we were taking photos, Jaime was calm, professional, and confident! She took direction well and had lots of great ideas of her own so this photo shoot was truly a fun collaboration. It was a joy to take photos of such a gorgeous girl and I hope you had as much fun as I did, Jaime! Enjoy your photos!

LOVE those purple shoes, Jaime!

SUCH beautiful green eyes!

I don’t know why the Airstream trailer thrilled me so much but it did. It really, really did.

Jaime, you are gorgeous!

All parents love their children. That’s a given. However, there’s a difference between loving your children and liking your children. Heather and Jason are parents who both love and like their son, Jacob. In fact, I would go so far as to say they adore him. And for good reason! He’s adorable! Sweet dimples, chunky little arms, funny expressions … what’s not to love and like?

Jason and Heather, thank you so much for allowing me to take these photos of your sweet family! Jacob just could not be any cuter and I look forward to watching him grow!

I love Jacob’s expression … I feel like he’s saying “Yeah, I’m cute. What’s it to you?” Good thing I don’t put little thought bubbles on my photos.

Isn’t that car the cutest? And Jacob makes it look so good.

It is available for future photoshoots!

See? Complete adoration.

This one just cracks me up. Jacob kept trying to eat dirt/rocks/flowers every time we sat him down, but Mom was on it!

Love, Love, Love …

Having a sister or brother means being born with friends. Sure, siblings know how to push each others buttons and there are bound to be fights, but no one else can understand a person or her history the way a sibling can.  Rachel, Alex, and Marissa are prime examples of siblings who are also friends and I had the pleasure of photographing them this week. All three of them are kind, funny, intelligent, and gorgeous. I loved watching the dynamics between them … they have a million inside jokes, love to rough house, and are always looking out for each other. From Alex warning Rachel not to sit on a thorny bush to Rachel fixing Marissa’s hair without being asked … the love emanating from them was so clear! Especially evident was the way Rachel and Alex feel about their little sister, Marissa. They way they look at her and watch out for her … you can just tell how much they adore her. Rachel, Alex, and Marissa – thank you for being so easy going and fun to photograph. Thank you also for loving one another so much! You are very inspiring and I hope someday my children will love each other as much as you do. I hope you enjoy your pictures!                  

Umm … I am pretty sure I was no where near this beautiful at 11 years old!

Rachel, you are gorgeous!

Rachel giving Alex bunny ears and Rachel laughing hysterically at herself.


Alex was a crack up and kept sitting on Marissa! That’s what older brothers are supposed to do though, right?