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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Claire is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met – she’s smart, funny, goofy, talented, hard working, amazingly kind, and, as you’ll see in second, gorgeous. She’s the kind of girl who’ll create a nickname for you within the first 10 minutes of meeting you. (My nickname from Claire is Meegle.) She makes up her own words all the time and, if you spend any time with her at all, you’ll start using those made up words too. Claire, I treasure you and our friendship. Thank you for trusting me to take your photos and for being willing to try all of my crazy ideas!

Babies are cute, that’s a given. Their wrinkly toes, their squishy bellies, their bald heads … it’s all so cute. Then, every once in a while, you’ll come across a baby for whom “cute” just isn’t descriptive enough. Baby Brooke is one of those babies. She is so deliciously adorable that “cute” barely even scratches the surface. She is a beauty who is a absolutely as sweet as she looks and who wakes up from her naps smiling. Oh, and she loves to nap. If there is anything cuter than a baby it is a sleeping baby! Brooke, you are such a blessing to everyone you meet and thanks for being so sweet!